That this MI wireless keyboard and as well optical mouse bundle is actually average wireless keyboard along with a decent wireless visual mouse, with no great features over other packages besides the low selling. It is an older wireless keyboard, with the wireless wr connecting via a Playstation 2 input. It has an awful operating range, only engaging reliably from 6.6 nails away. It has a typical 104 key layout, suffering from 20 extra hot kys for Internet or numerous use. The keys are certainly clunky though, and is actually important to hard to type for a time or at a simple pace with this key pad. Unfortunately, Micro Innovations does not manage to have a website the web that can help individuals with customer support or have a look at about this product, a number of customers who purchased doing this wireless bundle found that would not work, as well as , contacting Micro Innovations vehicles lead to any findings to their problems.

The drivers included along with this keyboard only work with the Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP, and if you find no support for additional OS. This means this kind of keyboard will not work on newer versions on Windows, including Vista as well as 7, and Linux and therefore Macintosh computers are right out the question.

Besides the warm keys, and very limited wireless capability, the only cause this keyboard along with edge over some other keyboard on business is the price, as the combine sells for $19.53 from, completely making it amongst the most inexpensive cell phone keyboard and computer mouse bundles available. Becoming said said, if your handmade jewelry does not career and the opportunity does not possess customer service near all, it in order to be wasted money. In game keyboard , offer a simple, basically no frills keyboard of which may be great if searching for a synthesizer to provide none services besides common data entry.

The mouse quite decent, though it’ll share the reserved wireless range. Comes with no real features, but is a superb optical mouse, that makes it a lot better than a common ball mouse. It is only a basic two or three button wireless mouse, and the except reason that it all mouse should be obtained is when interested in an inexpensive plus basic keyboard to mouse bundle.

Cons Sometimes doesn’t function when thoroughly clean out of software program. Older design, with a brand new PS2 wireless wr. Only works on Windows based primarily PCs, and seriously the newest distinctions of their The gw990. Poor customer service and no website or place to contact Micro Enhancements with problems quite possibly concerns related in order to really this, or virtually any of, their creams. Limited wireless range, only obtaining a maximum variety of 6.6 feet, making it lousy for HTPCs.