To create custom counters, MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) and MetaEditor must be used. To start the editor, you must execute the command “Create” in the context menu “Navigator – Custom Indicators” or the menu command “Tools – MetaQuotes Language Editor” or press F4 or the “Standard” button of the toolbar. When creating the MQL4 program, the Expert Wizard, which allows you to create new MQL4 programs, opens automatically. You must select “Custom Indicator” as the object to be created and the required fields must be completed:

Then it is necessary to decide if the new indicator is created in a separate pane and what rank it has. In addition, the number best forex indicators and parameters of the indicator matrices must be defined. The values ​​of its elements are used to draw lines in the diagram.

MQL4 forex indicators

In other words, if the indicator matrices are defined, the lines of the future indicator will also be defined. Then, the new indicator window opens with the defined configuration. A file with the source code (* .MQ4) of the indicator is automatically stored in the / EXPERTS / INDICATORS folder of the endpoint. From this point on, you can start writing the indicator text.

Once the indicator has been developed, it must be compiled. To do this, run the menu command from the

“File Compile” editor, press F9 or press the button on the toolbar. After the flag has been successfully compiled, an executable program file with the extension * .EX4 is created to automatically move to the / EXPERTS / INDICATORS folder.


The list of custom indicators is displayed in the Navigator – Custom Indicators pane of the endpoint.
Change of custom indicators

To begin modifying the existing indicator from the terminal, you must execute the Modify command in the context harmonic pattern indicator menu of the Navigator – Custom Indicator window. At this point, the MetaEditor will be open, where the source code of the selected indicator has already been downloaded. After this code has been changed,