before you learn risk management i want to say  that Forex scalping indicator or any other indicator need risk management tactic to work properly.

risk management guide

Why do casinos continue to make money when many people win jackpots?
The answer is that even if people win jackpots, casinos are always profitable in the long run because they get more money from people who do not succeed.

From here comes the concept “the house always wins”.

The truth is that casinos are very rich statistics. They know they will make money in the long run, not the time.

Joe Schmoe wins, even though it’s a $ 100,000 jackpot slot, casinos know there are hundreds of other players who have not won so well, and the money will be in the bag.

This is a classic example of how statisticians make money from players. Although both lose money, the statistician or the casino knows how to control their losses.

Fundamentally, risk management works. When you learn to control your losses, you have the opportunity to be profitable.

so here you learned little information about risk management now in my next article i will show you the candlestick pattern indicator download and information plus review. take care.